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Our deep connections
Through this storm of bad receptions
Tend to be my cradle
Light through my darkness
You beast
And beauty
How dare you
I’ll bite thy apple
Swallow each electron
While holding your hand
Conversing with my eyes
Enjoying my last breath
Knowing that you were the fallen
Angel in disguised

Thinking outside of my box
Rest in Peace to the unicorns
And rainbows
That had laid down for you
Or even the gentle giggles
That mimicked your every move

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She on beat like a muhhfucka


shoutout to her for being so positive while going through chemo



The hood fucks with her heavily.

Ok but why she so smooth with it?
I love this

good luck to her on her  treatment.

This is kind of adorable.

I fucks with her

The space between then and now
Drives me insane
I surrender my everything
It’s wrong

I’m in a place of insecurities
Misconstrued feelings
And tears that come to play
At my deepest hours

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Lil’ Kim speaks about the struggles she endured after being Kicked out when she was only 15.

" My raps aren’t all sexual as everyone thinks, I rap about the hustle and struggle, Loss & pain I experienced and lived, the real Brooklyn shit you don’t hear about now. "


" Kim and her father didn’t have the best relationship, as they were getting older. He was A military man and lacked the essentials of being a father/parent to his kids. The military took away his parenting skills. Kim’s father was a good man, But wasn’t a good father."

"The Police started knowing us by first names, because they were called so much. One occasion the fight got serious, It was a physical fight, One thing led to another… Eventually, someone’s going to swing first (Mr. Jones). The next thing you know, you see this little body flying from the couch jumping on her fathers back. Kim tore the place up whilst also protecting her brother. Kim was about to stab her father. ”

"Things got worse when Mr. jones got married to A woman named jackie. Kim & her father just didn’t get along more-so. They decided to buy A house in jersey, but they told kim she wasn’t welcome.

"The less attention her father gave her, she went to the streets to look for it. She dropped out of highschool, and started going to different houses, staying with friends for a while… and when that wore out, she’d have to leave and go to another house. That’s when she began to struggle.. Hard. "

" She really started doing real bad.. That’s when she started hustling. She ran with a crowd that was snatching them rings, take chains… She dated this one guy, Who used to beat her, He was a drug dealer, She had nowhere else to go,and eventually ended up living and working with him. She would have to take drugs for cartel guys, sell things for the guys. You date the drug dealers, You had to sleep with them… You had to transport for them, if you wanted money. "

" If somebody wanted Kim to do something for them in another state, Kim would be there… If there was money involved and kim could support herself and survive without having to go to her father, She’d do it."

“I don’t think she wanted to be out there like that, ripping & running, having to do things for money that probably wouldn’t have done if she had that stable home… She had to do, what she had to do to survive.”

’- Lil’ Kims Childhood Friends, Cousins & Brother.

"The only way to reach him through phone calls and mail
Balloons stuffed with lah up in the chocha
Now my man in the can getting money and getting high
He used to keep my fly he had the 6 I had the 5
So you know a chick gon’ ride or die for her guy
At age 14 I was putting in work
At age 16 I was moving that work
Getting paid for driving state to state
Smuggling weight, praying I don’t bump into Jake
I traveled through a few places with the burners
in the suitcases, thank God for Big
Damn right I love the life I live
Cause I went from negative to positive and it’s all good” - Lil’ Kim “All Good”